University of Southampton Chaplaincy

The Verbum Dei community have been involved with the chaplaincies in Southampton since 1995, taking up various roles in both University of Southampton Chaplaincy (find us on Facebook) and Southampton Solent University.

Our Chaplaincy is a multi-faith Chaplaincy, so apart from working alongside with the Catholic Society on campus we also organize interfaith activities in the Chaplaincy. Currently we work with other Christian Chaplain in both universities as well as with faith advisors from 5 other religions.

We also offer spiritual guidance for those who need it or a listening ear to anyone who hold another particular faith background or none. We welcome any young adults who wants to grow in faith or deepen their spirituality.

Regular activities offered in the Chaplaincy:

Solent University 

Cathsoc Evening – space of prayer, reflection and formation  to grow deeper in Catholic Faith (Tuesday 7-8pm, online)

Student Mass -Every Sunday at 4:30pm in St. Edmunds Roman Catholic Church

There is also a weekly meeting in the Verbum Dei house (33 Elmsleigh Gardens) for those who would like to join us for a moment of praying with the Word of God and sharing, every Thursday at 7pm

One-off activities:

Retreat, Hiking, Pilgrimage